Essential Oil from Atison's land in Kaeng Krajarn
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Essential oils from Kaeng Krajarn lake Thailand.
Special Products:
Nymphaea caerulea Blue
Atison Essential Oil, Plants and Plant Seed.

Nymphaea caerulea or Blue Lotus or Blue Water Lily or Egyptian Lotus          At the altitude of between 60 meters and 1,200 meters make Kaeng Krajarn very idialistic for fragrant plant and tree growing to be produce top quality Michelia champaca Essential oil.

        It is a land with plenty of water, moderate warm in summer, pretty cool in cool season and very pleasant weather with beautiful surrounding all year round.

  Aromatherapy Essential oils from Kaeng Krajarn Lake Thailand

        Over 60% of its populations earn their living from Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Plantations, Fruits and Vegetables plantations , Fisheries and tourism business related.

        I see the benefit of this land and introducing villagers with new and promising plants, shrub and trees for them to grow for our essential oils and hydrosol

        Over 30 years ago, I have bought several pieces of land totalled to over 10,000 acres in this district. Most of the land were leased to pineapple planters at very low rate. Due to the fluctuation of prices of agricultural products, some planters were not be able to pay for the rent or even support their families. Essential oil and hydrosol may be the solution to make them get more income and help raise their standard of living.

        In late 2005 was our first year of operation. In order to have our essential oil and hydrosol as organic,we have to get plant materials from our own plantation. That is why we start planted 1,000 Ylang Ylang trees, 2,000 Golden Michelia champaca trees, 2,000 of Michelia alba trees, 2,000 of Citrus aurantium, 2,000 Acacia farnesiana , 2,000 Caesalpinia coriaria, 2,000 of Mimusops elengi trees, 2,000 Plumeria alba trees , more than 5,000 of Gardenia augusta trees and over 500 acres reserved area full of natural Nelumbo nucifera, both white and pink.

Nymphaea caerulea Blue
  Blue Lotus or Nelumbo nucifera   Blue Lotus   Blue Lotus
Our Nymphaea caerulea are organic. There are no pesticides or any insecticides involved in the production. They are 100% safe.

        Several thousands of more trees were planted in 2006 and we will continue to plant more. All of the products will be used in our distillation plants for making essential oil, absolute and hydrosol.

        About 50 villagers are involved in this business. My objective is to train them and make them to be able to manage their own plantation later on when they wish. They will supply our distillation with non toxic raw materials. They will know how to grow their products without using pesticides or other foreign element rather than only organic substances. They will learn to know the right harvest time and know how to transport the products immediately to our essential oil distillation plant that will take less than 5 minutes from the plantation.

        While waiting for our trees to bear fruitfull products, we collected some flowers from our nearby villages and start producing our essential oils, absolute and hydrosol.

Couroupita guianensis   Magnolia liliifila   Couroupita guianensis (Cannon Ball) on the left
and on the right is
Magnolia liliifila

Where are our Seeds come from?
        Some may find it is difficult to get fresh seeds and reliable supplier of orient plants and seeds. “Atison Essential Oil and Seed” is established to eliminate all the problems and give you our reliable services and freshest seeds possible. Some plant that grow in Europe or USA may not grow well in Asia but most of plant grow in Asia may grow well in Europe and USA.

        Over 200 varieties of seeds are being offered in our website. Some of the seeds are cultivated from our own plantation but some are cultivated from our neighbour’s plantation but all of the seeds are cultivated at the right moment that they will be of good quality and the germination rate are high.

        All the seeds are cleaned and dried in shaded area and later be soaked in pesticide to protect them from being destroyed by fungus and insect.

        In the Plant Section, there are plant list of exotic and rare plant from Southeast Asia. Plant that bears fragrance flower. Rare palms seeds of Thailand and neiboring countries in Southest Asia are included in this Plant Section. In the Seeds Section, we have included seeds list from plant that bears frangrance flower and seeds of Herbal Tree and scrubs are also included.

        If you have any wish for particular plant and seed that are not listed in our website, please feel free to write me.

        Our policy is to give our customers best quality goods with very reasonable prices.

        Since some of the essential oil and absolute namely Nelumbo nucifera, Michelia champaca, Caesalpinia coriaria and Mimusops elengi are very rare and are not sufficient in the market, I have a policy to supply only limited number of customer or even to only one customer exclusively. Any customer who feel like to have any of my product exclusively are welcome.

        My next step is to set up a section dealing with perfumeries and cosmetic related business. Anyone interested can contact me for a joint venture business.

        I hope you will enjoy visiting our website and if you have any question please do not hesitate to write me.

Atison Phumchoosri
and my beloved wife "Nui"

Nelumbo nucifera   Mimusops elengi   Acacia farnesiana
Nelumbo nucifera   Mimusops elengi   Acacia farnesiana
Lantana camara   Yellow Lilly   Macroptillium lathyroides
Lantana camara   Yellow Lilly   Macroptillium Lathyroides

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61 Moo 11 Tambon Kaeng Krajarn, Kaeng Krajarn District, Petchaburi Province 76170, Thailand.

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